At Prosono, we strive to be our own best case study and foster a culture to enable this mindset. We place a high value on quality, precision and performance and provide resources to position you to achieve your goals. We are seeking highly talented professionals who share our passion for creating innovative and sustainable changes for our clients.

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We believe you are best positioned to foster the growth of your career. For this reason, we have clearly defined objectives and proficiencies that enable you to progress in the company. We also believe that your choice of a technical or managerial career path shouldn’t limit your growth potential, which is why we offer career growth in both areas. We help our employees leverage client experience to build new skills to grow personally and professionally. We place a high priority on professional development opportunities, from courses to certifications to mentorship, as well as personal, professional, community leadership development.


We are committed to supporting the causes our team members are most passionate about. We empower employees to use a portion of company time to support the organizations and causes they are involved with.



The reason or the why for each client and project is clear. It’s beyond checking the box and fulfilling an obligation. There is a feeling of fulfillment in improving the lives of others as a result of what we are doing for and with our clients. We understand and embrace the challenges and rewards throughout the entire engagement.


Common and mutual willingness to change, modify or compromise based on what is needed in the present moment. Ability to work where and when needed. Everyone has the resources and tools needed to operate independently, knowing support is available when/if needed.


The openness and encouragement to create meaningful new ideas and methods or the (re)combination of existing ideas and output in a different or unconventional way. It’s the physical space as well as surroundings, conditions and influences.


We value diversity of thought, which comes from diversity of people. Left-brain, right-brain, introvert or extravert. Differences matter and are encouraged. Differences are our distinction so there is no prescription for a way to be or think.


The recognition of the need to work together to realize a shared goal. There is value in sharing and using the different resources, experiences and collective brain power of everyone on our team to create new ideas and products, get ‘unstuck’ and deliver the best service to all of our clients. No silos here!

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