Jeff Steepleton

Jeff SteepletonJeff Steepleton is an experienced leader with a diverse background in communications, strategic community engagement and corporate sustainability. He loves finding the intersection of personal interests, business, and the community and believes in the strength of this alignment. Jeff has the ability to facilitate conversations on complex issues with diverse stakeholders and collaboratively identify simple and elegant solutions. Jeffis inspired by leveraging social impact at both the personal and enterprise level – allowing clients to multiply the impact of their resources. Prior to starting Prosono, Jeff had been with Galloway Group for 15 years – rising from Junior Associate to President and Partner with the company.

Jeff in the World: Jeff is a committed family man with a passion for small business growth as demonstrated through serving on the board of Colorado Enterprise Fund, a nonprofit lending institution focused on underserved communities.

  • 1624 Market Street
    Suite #301
    Denver, Colorado 80202
  • (720) 504-6621