Jesus Salazar

Jesus SalazarJesus is a Colorado native who loves bringing exceptional people together to accomplish great things. He believes that we are all at our best when we can tie what we do really well back to helping others. His vision for Prosono is to create a workplace where exceptional consulting professionals can find a deeper purpose in their work, by unlocking their passions in philanthropy and incorporating it into their day to day jobs. For the past 16 years, Jesus Salazar has helped some of the largest organizations in North America formulate and execute compelling strategies that significantly transform their business.

Jesus in the World: Jesus is married to Kaylee and has two hairy, four-legged children. When not working to build his dream company, he is most likely working on education related issues. Jesus believes that poverty is the root cause of most of our social challenges and educational equity is the best way to break the cycle that many families are stuck in. Jesus is an avid backpacker and loves exploring the wonderful outdoors every chance he gets.

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