By Jesus Salazar, CEO

Fewer things make you more accountable to your teammates, customers, shareholders, and community as starting your own company. The company that you build should reflect what you are passionate about, how you believe people should be treated, and be unequivocally aligned with positive social progress.  Although we officially launched not too long ago, we have been moving at the speed of light and have covered a tremendous amount of ground already!

Our company was founded by three professionals whose paths intersected due to one common characteristic we all had: “A deep passion for making a meaningful positive impact in our local community.”  Long before we even met, each one of us made a conscious decision to leverage our professional careers as a means to serve our communities. When we met, it was instantly apparent that by integrating our people, assets, networks, and capabilities together as one, we not only would be able to address a looming and significant challenge for most businesses, but the social impact we make could be compounded. We quickly decided to embark on a new and exciting journey together.

Hello, we are Prosono. We help organizations to align their strategies, people, and systems for the rapidly changing future and leverage our success to compound positive social impact. As one of my favorite songwriters says “Times, they are a changing”. A greater global interconnectedness and the ability to build empires on the backs of computers (for the first time…potentially not people) is drastically changing the behaviors of consumers, employees, and societies. The real kicker is that the rate of this change is only going to continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future. This circumstance is called the 4th industrial revolution. And as it continues to take hold, businesses will continue to struggle to naturally adapt to the rapidly increasing pace of change, attract and retain the best and brightest talent, and continue to stay relevant with the new age consumer. We are excited to offer the services that will help organizations prepare for these changes and become truly sustainable in the face of dramatically accelerating change. We are also excited to help shepherd this movement in a way that drives opportunities for higher levels of social equity and impact.

Please tune in frequently. With over 40% of our leadership team being multigenerational Coloradan natives (5th and 6th generations) and the rest having rich and impactful careers in Denver, we are committed to helping Denver become known as one of the most adaptive, resilient, and socially minded business communities in the world.

Best of luck and much more to come.