Sean VanBerschot

Sean VanBerschot squareDriven by his values of trust, responsibility, and equity, Sean VanBerschot has a unique ability to work with people and support them to create change while never giving up, on anything. VanBerschot delivers on outcomes through team-building and coaching, problem solving, and constant improvement, while bringing some laughter and fun to the table. For the past 15 years, Sean has been primarily focused on the non-profit sector. He worked to build great organizations by creating strong organizationally-aligned teams, purpose, and culture, which enables them to attract and support talent. He is also adept at building organizational strategy, designing and delivering support and execution systems, and managing P&L.

Sean in the World: Sean in the World: As a father of two young girls, Ella and Anna, he and his wife Jenna strive (operative word here…) to model their beliefs in compassion, community, and impact. You will see Sean gardening, governing at DSST Public Schools and RISE Colorado, volunteering at his daughters’ schools, ensuring a great community via All in Denver, and enjoying the vast outdoors of Colorado.

  • 1624 Market Street
    Suite #301
    Denver, Colorado 80202
  • (720) 504-6621